If you take a look around your home, there are many different appliances that help you get by on a day-to-day basis. Let’s say, one day, you come home and find water leaking from your hot water heater. You know, right away, to contact a plumber to get it fixed. If you’re like most people, you might even have emergency contact numbers attached to different appliances or on the walls of your garage or basement. That way, in an emergency, you don’t even have to waste time searching for who to call.

But what happens when, all of a sudden, your gas fireplace quits working? Who are you supposed to call for all of your gas fireplace, gas logs, or gas appliance concerns?

When it comes to the safety of your home and family, you want to put your trust into the right company. Someone that you know is certified and experienced to handle the job. That’s why you should look no further than Winston’s Chimney Services if you’re in the Northern VA area.

But before we convince you on why our company is the best choice for the job, let’s talk more about why you might need our gas services.

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When Should a Gas Fireplace Be Serviced?

Just like any other appliance you may own, they are great when they are working – but frustrating when they aren’t. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends that you have your gas fireplace inspected and cleaned at least once a year. Aside from this yearly inspection and cleaning, there are also a few signs your gas fireplace needs to be looked at by a certified chimney technician. This includes:

  • Burner or pilot light isn’t working properly
  • Excessive soot buildup
  • Issues with the thermostat
  • Weird odors

Gas fireplaces have so many different electrical and mechanical components. If each of those components isn’t serviced correctly or reassembled exactly right, it could lead to even more dangerous issues, like a carbon monoxide leak.

That is why we recommend that you don’t do it yourself. Instead, count on the chimney technicians at Winston’s Chimney Services. We have all the proper tools and expertise to diagnose and repair any issues you might be experiencing with your gas fireplace.

What Maintenance Is Needed on a Gas Fireplace?

There are three types of gas fireplaces. Each one works really well at heating your home, but they are different in how they work and the features they provide. The different types of gas fireplaces are:

  • Direct vent fireplace: A sealed unit that uses outside air for combustion, making it the most efficient. 
  • Vented gas logs: A log set that is placed into an existing fireplace, then vents through an existing chimney or venting system.
  • Unvented gas logs: Vent-free gas logs that are just like the name describes. This type of fireplace doesn’t require any chimney or venting system. 

Depending on which gas fireplace you have, it will determine what maintenance is needed. When you schedule an appointment to have your gas fireplace looked at you, you can expect our technicians to check out the following:

  • We’ll make sure the glass is clean, and no cracks or scratches are present.
  • We’ll clear away any soot, dirt, spider webs, or debris from the fireplace media and adjust the heater as needed.
  • We’ll inspect the firebox for damage and rust.
  • We’ll check the pilot assembly.
  • We’ll check the vent for blockages and damage.
  • We’ll check the CO detector.
  • We’ll check the burner.
  • We’ll check the gas control valve and gas lines.
  • We’ll check the blower operation.
  • We’ll evaluate the flames and adjust the air shutter as needed.
  • We’ll check the thermocouple.
  • We’ll check the thermostat and remote.
  • We’ll evaluate the condition of each component and recommend replacements, as needed.
  • We’ll reassemble the fireplace burner and log set as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

As you can see, there are a lot of pieces on your gas fireplace to inspect. Since most people don’t know exactly what they are looking at, we highly suggest you hire someone that knows how to detect potential issues and can ensure your gas fireplace is performing safely and efficiently. 

Another reason to hire a professional is because regular fireplace maintenance is also required to maintain warranty on your gas appliances. Doing it yourself doesn’t count!

Who Services Gas Fireplaces Near Me?

When your gas fireplace or gas logs need some attention, you can count on the certified technicians at Winston’s Chimney Services. Not only do we employ Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified technicians, we also have over 40 years of experience in this industry. There isn’t a problem we can’t solve. Just check out what our previous customers have to say about their experiences with us!

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