There’s no doubt that a chimney damper is necessary for operating a well-run fireplace system. They work to seal your chimney when it is not in use so that cold air and other outdoor elements cannot get in. On top of this, they keep the heat from your home inside where it belongs, so your family stays as warm as possible throughout the colder and draftier times of the year.

Whenever you are ready to build a fire, you can easily open the damper and allow smoke and other toxins to freely escape, keeping your home and loved ones safe, warm, and healthy.

Yet, there are a couple different kinds of dampers on the market and deciding which one to choose can be confusing. At Winston’s Chimney Service, we love to promote top-end dampers because we feel they do the job more efficiently. Learn more about these products below!

Top-End Dampers Vs. Throat Dampers

Throat dampers used to be the standard in fireplace set-up so they are typically seen in older fireplaces. These dampers sit at the bottom of the flue and they can work quite well when used and installed correctly. Unfortunately, throat damper products offer nothing when it comes to keeping animals, dirt, leaves, and other types of debris out of your chimney.

Throat dampers also allow cold air to build up in your chimney, causing the area surrounding your fireplace to stay cooler and harder to heat up. The cold air will typically spread, making your home more difficult to heat and causing your energy bills to inflate.

Top-end dampers, on the other hand, are becoming more and more popular as homeowners see their value and seek ways to save more money on bills throughout the year. They tend to seal better, and their location at the top of the chimney is ideal for keeping outdoor critters (and everything else) out of your chimney.

Top-end dampers also save you money, as they prevent cold air from coming down your chimney and working its way into your home. Your flue stays warmer, your home stays cozier, and your energy bills stay low – sounds like the perfect way to spend a fall and winter!

On top of this, they typically offer better seals, so you don’t have to worry about any bad weather sneaking in through the cracks. With a top-end damper, everything stays protected!

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