As many throughout the Northern Virginia area know, the CSIA certified team at Winston’s Chimney Service is fully equipped to meet any and all of your fireplace, chimney, and venting needs. We’ve restored and repaired fireplaces all throughout our service areas, and we’re proud to offer our customers the peace of mind and satisfaction they deserve throughout it all.

Now, with fall weather upon us, many are eager to kick off their burning season, which means some chimney maintenance is in order. This is an important step in gearing up for the colder weather ahead, and we are here to ensure you stay as safe and as comfortable as possible, no matter what. That being said, there are many out there that aren’t ready to move the party indoors quite yet. Do you have a firepit that you’re ready to put to use? We can help with that!

Your Firepit Needs Maintenance, Too!outdoor firepit

Fall weather can be ideal for spending evenings outdoors, and one way to enhance that is with the use of a firepit. Firepits add light and warmth to your property, enhancing the ambiance your yard space significantly, and some can even be used for cooking! There’s no doubting their many benefits.

Unfortunately, many underestimate their need for regular care. These units can wear down, crack, and undergo damage just like your indoor fireplace. They can also experience build up, which needs to be cleaned out in order to maintain the health of the structure. It’s not uncommon for them to require professional care and new parts from time to time, and ignoring damages only lead to inefficiency down the line.

If you have a firepit that you’d like to use in the near future, let us know! We’ll get it serviced and apply necessary repairs, making us your one-stop-shop for it all. Once we’re through, you’ll be able to enjoy the cozy atmosphere of a fire both indoors and outdoors with no problems in sight. Give us a call today to learn more.

Does Your Chimney Need An Inspection, As Well?

Once we get your firepit running well and looking great, let us check things over inside, too. When snow starts to fall, we’re guessing you’ll want to spend your evenings curled up by the hearth, rather than gathered outdoors, so you’ll need to ensure everything is all set up and ready to go. Our team is qualified to help with that!

Just like with your firepit, we can assess whether repairs are needed and get them addressed in a timely and efficient manner. We’ll also note whether or not you have excess build up that needs to be removed and swept out. Once we’re through, you can feel confident lighting fires all winter long, allowing you a safer and more enjoyable holiday season.

There’s no time to lose, so get in touch with us today!

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