Do you have an older masonry chimney with a clay tile liner? If it is in needs of repairing, Winston’s Chimney Service offers the HeatShield® method to fix cracks and gaps in clay chimney liners. HeatShield® is the most advanced method that is safe and long lasting to protect you and your family from toxic gases like carbon monoxide entering through the cracks and gaps. You also need a chimney liner to make your fireplace and chimney function more efficiently. We would like to tell you more about this revolutionary product to inform you about what HeatShield® can do for your clay tile chimney liner.

What exactly is HeatShield®?

HeatShield® is a ceramic refractory sealant which is used to fill in any cracks and gaps in your clay chimney liner. HeatShield® restores your old liner by creating a smooth, even, and air-tight surface. This formula has been tested extensively to guarantee its resistance to moisture and other damage from the corrosive by-products of combustion. Trained in the application of HeatShield®, the certified chimney technicians at Winston’s Chimney Service are experienced in relining all sorts of clay tile liners with this product.

What are the different types of HeatShield®?

Joint Repair

If your chimney liner is only suffering from damaged and deteriorated joints, Winston’s Chimney Service uses this type of HeatShield®. Our certified chimney technicians will apply it by using a custom-fitted applicator which strengthens the joints of your clay tile liner.


If your clay chimney liner is cracked, we can resurface the entire liner with this type of HeatShield®. After cleaning and priming your liner, the expert technicians from Winston’s Chimney Service will apply the sealant down the length of your chimney with the custom-fitted applicator.


When your clay tile chimney liner has suffered from damage that is beyond simply repairing, we can completely reline your flue with the HeatShield® CeCure Sleeve relining system. Involving a custom-designed ceramic and stainless steel sleeve, our chimney technicians will install this sleeve and reinforce with two surrounding layers of the HeatShield® ceramic refractory sealant. If your chimney has no liner, we can also use this type of HeatShield® to provide you with a high-quality functioning liner.

Is your clay tile chimney liner in need of repairs? Winston’s Chimney Service is the exlusive HeatShield® provider in the Northern Virginia area, including  to schedule a consultation with our certified chimney technicians to find out how HeatShield® can help you.

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