Have you worked with a chimney company, only to find yourself feeling uneasy about their suggested maintenance services and price points? This is a common scenario and, if you’re not well-versed in fireplace and chimney terms or anatomy, it may be hard to know what to trust and what to (and what not to) second-guess.

If you aren’t sure where to go from here, we advise you to turn to us. The Winston’s Chimney Service team has been serving Northern Virginia for over 40 years, and there’s a reason our customer base remains so loyal. Call now to schedule a second opinion with our crew or reach out online today!

Still not convinced we’re the team to depend on? Keep reading to learn more about why we can be relied upon for any and all of your chimney inspections, sweepings, repairs, and more.

We Are CSIA Certified

CSIA logoWhen it comes to inspecting your fireplace, there is a specific process that should be followed. Missing a step or not recognizing vital signs that something is not right could lead to dangerous scenarios for the homeowner, as well as inefficiency. If your sweep is Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified, you’ll know that they have been trained and tested by a reputable organization that has set the standard for chimney care since 1983.

Our technicians are CSIA certified and continue to renew their certification every three years, as required by the company. We know the ins and outs of your chimney and fireplace better than anyone, and we are certain we can address and resolve any issue we come across. If you want a second opinion you can feel good about, call on our crew now.

Now, another reason why we continue to thrive with every passing year is due to our dedication to education. In addition to our CSIA certification, we are NFI Wood Appliance Certified, and we hold credentials with the FIRE, as well. To top it all off, we are licensed contractors, so you can rest easy knowing your structure is in good hands when you hire us for the job.

We’re Award-Winning

Northern Virginia Magazine wants the best for its readers, which is why it encourages customers to take a yearly vote regarding who does it best in terms of home care. There are many categories including architects, electricians, handymen, and more, but there’s one section we take a special interest in here at Winston’s Chimney Service – chimney care!

We’ve been a proud winner in this category multiple years. This is something voted on by citizens living in the areas we serve, and we are honored that our customer base has deemed us the best of the best. 

In addition, we’ve been featured in Arlington Magazine for our excellent customer care and reliable set of services, and we’ve also won awards with Angi, Best Pick Reports, Best of Arlington, and more. We even hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Long story short, you won’t have to stress about a thing when you trust us with your fireplace and chimney needs.

We’ll Offer Multiple Solutions

Some chimney companies will offer an effective solution for your problem, but won’t mention any cheaper and equally reliable options. They want to get the most money possible, and they don’t put the needs of their customers first. Not us! We’ll offer you all the possible solutions to your chimney issues, and we’ll also provide suggestions as far as what we think would be best for you, specifically.

For example, if your liner is suffering, you don’t necessarily need to invest in an expensive stainless steel liner. If you have a clay liner in place, our HeatShield services may work well for you. All in all, it’s about figuring out the plan that works best for your home, family, and budget. Winston’s Chimney Service has got your back!

Our Reviews Speak For Themselves

a cell phone showing a review rating system with review bubbles popping up around itWhen it comes to researching a business, the first step many take is to look into their online reviews. With sites like Google, Facebook, Angi, and more, there are countless outlets for people to voice any thoughts regarding their experience with countless companies. We’re thankful for these opinions because it helps us to improve, and it lets us know what people appreciate most about working with us.

If you look into Winston’s Chimney Service on the World Wide Web, you’ll quickly learn that we have a long list of positive testimonials and 5-star reviews. We’re proud to have gained hundreds of satisfied and loyal customers throughout our time in business, and every year introduces more families that we can serve.

In this industry, finding a crew that always puts your needs and safety first is a must, and that’s just what we’re here for. We never skimp or cut corners and we’ll never push your views aside. We encourage you to be open and honest, and we love it when our customers ask questions! All in all, it’s about you feeling comfortable with the services we offer in your home.

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