If you’re interested in having a fireplace installed in your home, the staff at Winston’s Chimney Service is totally behind you! Fireplaces enhance any living space, and they set the perfect mood for all kinds of get-togethers. In addition, countless memories are created when you gather together around a fire, sharing stories, playing games, and soaking up quality time together. It makes the perfect addition to any home, and there’s no doubt it increases a home’s value, too!

We urge you to hire a certified professional to install your fireplace. Professional installation will allow you peace of mind, knowing your system will run well for years to come. Trust in our experts today, and we know you won’t regret it!

Making Your Home Safer

We want our valued customers to stay educated on fireplace safety. Investing in professional help for your installation needs is always necessary when it comes to the well-being of your home and family. Fireplaces are intricate things and knowing the ins and outs of these systems takes lots of study time and dedication.

The CSIA certified staff at Winston’s Chimney Service has put in the time to ensure we know our stuff. When it comes to doing the job right, we have the expertise to take on anything! We study hard because we know what can happen when things aren’t done right. For instance, your system may not function as efficiently. This means less heat output, more issues with lighting fires, and a higher risk for damages down the line. You’ll end up spending unnecessary money on repairs in addition to added stress and hassle. Invest in a pro from the start, so you know the job is done right.

Along with this, poor installation could lead to hazardous situations, such as fumes backing up into your home. These gases and harmful toxins could be detrimental to the health of loved ones, and you’ll wind up facing medical bills and doctor visits for something that could have been easily avoided.

To top it off, improper construction often goes hand in hand with debris buildup, which leads to decay, deterioration, and possibly chimney fires. It’s not good for your chimney, and it puts your home and family at risk, too. Invest in a professional installation from the get go and save yourself time, money, and stress. It’s the right way to go!

We Want To Help You!

Winston’s Chimney Service has been serving the area since 1978, and we push ourselves to be the best. Please invest in our services to keep your homes safer and your chimney in great-working condition throughout every season. Call us today for all of your installation and maintenance needs!

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