The holidays are back in gear, and it’s time to ensure your home is ready for any and all of the festivities you have planned! If your fireplace is run down and looking worn, then you may be interested in getting things fixed up before any gatherings or get-togethers kick off. Well, the time to call on the team at Winston’s Chimney Service is now! We take your wishes to heart, guaranteeing you results that you’ll be happy with for years to come. Call today to learn more!

Keeping Your Home Safer This Holiday Season

Christmas tree and mantelA big reason why homeowners invest in a restoration is to ensure their fireplace is functioning as safely as possible. If damages and build up have occurred over the years, then you may need some intensive professional work done to get everything back in shape. We have the skills to help you out, while preserving the classic look and timeless aesthetic of your fireplace and chimney!

Let us do a thorough and in-depth inspection to ensure everything is working as it is supposed to. This includes checking your damper, chimney cap, chimney crown, and more. We will replace parts, as needed, and let you know what services we recommend as far as getting your masonry back in tip-top shape. Our CSIA certified knows their stuff, so you can rest easy knowing we won’t miss a thing!

We’ll also ensure there is no build-up of any kind. Twigs, leaves, nesting materials, creosote, soot, ash, and more can accumulate quicker than you realize and, if gone unaddressed season after season, you’re looking at some major fire hazards. Along with this, clogs inhibit airflow, increasing your likelihood of experiencing gas leaks, exposure to carbon monoxide, smoke back-up, and similar issues.

Meanwhile, excess creosote will increase your chances of experiencing a chimney fire, which will weaken your structure even more. Eventually, you’ll be looking at some major issues that can lead to big disasters like house fires. We’re guessing this is the last thing you want to be worrying about during an already hectic time of year, so let us take care of it all! You’ll be glad you invested in us for all of your restoration needs.

Get Your Home Looking Great Again!

Many invest in some remodeling this time of year to prep their home for the arrival of guests and family members. A fireplace restoration may be just the ticket to creating the ideal focal point for loved ones to enjoy! A crackling fire sets the perfect aesthetic for any occasion, and we know you’ll love cozying up by a warm hearth at the end of a cold day. We can help you every step of the way.

Give our team a call and rest easier this Christmas. There’s no time to lose, and we can’t wait to help you out!

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