Your fireplace kept you cozy all winter… so don’t neglect it in the summer! The longer, warmer days of summer tend to beckon you out of the house, but giving your fireplace and chimney a little TLC in the warmer months means you’ll be all set and ready to settle in front of when the nights get cooler.

Plus, summer is an opportunity to find new ways to enjoy your hearth as a focal point of your living space, and to think big picture about how you want your fireplace to look and function in the future.

Keeping Your System in Shape

a living room with white decor, a big coffee table, and a big fireplace with a tv mounted overtopBecause chimney technicians’ work load tends to amp up in fall and winter, stay ahead of the crowd by scheduling your chimney inspection and sweeping in the summer. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) states that fireplaces and their connected systems need to be professionally inspected each year to help maintain safe and efficient functioning.

Inspections help head off issues that could worsen with time, avoiding serious disruptions to your ability to use your fireplace and system deterioration that could damage your home. The lull between burning seasons is a natural time to have your chimney inspected. Similarly, heading out of one burning season into the next is a good time to have your chimney swept.

What does sweeping achieve? It cleans out all the spaces and components of your chimney, removing any accumulated soot, creosote and debris that could otherwise become a fire hazard in your system or obstruct ventilation.

If your chimney inspection reveals that some maintenance work should be done, ask your professional about the optimal time to schedule it. Getting it done in summer means that when the chill sets in, you’ll be ready to ward it off with a crackling fire.

Summer Cleaning & Decorating

Cleaning up your hearth area will keep it looking and smelling fresh. Since you won’t be building fires, clearing ash completely with a fire shovel or ash vacuum will prevent it from causing deterioration to your firebox or creating unpleasant odors when humidity increases. After clearing ash, wipe down the mantel and surrounding area to create a clean slate for summer.

Your fireplace enhances your home even when not in use, so why not enhance the appeal by decorating it for summer?

  • Since hot ashes and coals aren’t a concern during this season, the firebox and surrounding area can stage favorite photos, plants, and other decorative items.
  • Light, airy, and organic elements tend to create unity between outdoors and in. (Think woven baskets, fresh greenery, and decorative birch logs.)
  • A large potted plant near the firebox makes a statement, while fresh flowers from the garden in vases on hearth add brightness and vitality to the room.
  • A stack of garden books invites you to stay and linger a while.

And then, as summer draws nearer to its end, you can begin to incorporate warmer, rustic elements into your fireplace decor, such as pumpkins, dried leaves, and cozy throws or cushions in baskets.

However, keep in mind that once you begin to use your fireplace again it’s imperative that you maintain proper clearances. Furniture, rugs, and other decorative elements should be kept at least three feet from a fireplace during the burning season.

If you miss the ambiance of fires, your firebox can also play host to candles, lanterns, or LED lights to mimic the glow of a fire and create a calm, romantic atmosphere – just without that extra heat that you don’t currently need.

Fireplace Upgrades

a gas fireplace with a metal fireplace frontSummer is an excellent season for fireplace upgrades. Whether you want a new look, an efficiency upgrade, or fuel type conversion, we’re happy to dream with you about the possibilities for upgrading and customizing your system. Having a fireplace insert installed can majorly boost system efficiency, meaning more precise temperature controls and lower energy costs. Some systems are even remote controlled, giving unparalleled convenience.

Are you envisioning more of a change to your fireplace’s visual aesthetic? Updating your fireplace facing can dramatically change the look based on your preferences. There are lots of options for creating the look you want: tile, brick, stone, and molded concrete all provide an updated appearance that can dramatically refresh the style of a room. Your mantel can also be replaced or refinished for extra impact.

Work With the Best – Call Winston’s Chimney Service Today

Winter isn’t the only season for loving your fireplace. You can keep your fireplace in great shape while adding charm and style to your living space in any season. Whether you’re using it to showcase things you find beautiful or planning upgrades for better performance, your fireplace can be maximized to bring you joy safely, efficiently, and beautifully year-round.

Questions about your fireplace? Give us a call today or reach out to us online. Our friendly, professional technicians are experts in what keeps your system running well for a lifetime.

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