Did your annual inspection reveal that a sweeping is necessary before kicking off your burning season? If you have leaves, twigs, excess creosote, and other built up inside of your chimney, then having a Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified team of experts clean everything out is important as you move into the colder months that are approaching.

We Clean Gas, Wood & Oil-Burning Appliances

If you own a fireplace or furnace, you want to ensure you’re getting everything you can from it. A lack of efficiency leads to less heat, higher energy bills, and an overall uncomfortable atmosphere, none of which make owning the appliance much of a pleasant experience. Guarantee yourself more relaxing evenings in by calling on the professional and experienced team at Winston’s Chimney Service right away.

We clean all types of appliances, working with various different fuel types, and our crew will provide you with the reliable results you deserve.

Don’t let a dirty chimney – whether it’s in your furnace, fireplace, or water heater – cause dangerous and unpleasant issues this fall and winter. Rather, count on us from the very start. Winston’s Chimney Service is trained, experienced, and qualified to get the job done right. Book your chimney sweeping today.

About Our Sweeping Process

a chimney sweep brush going into a metal chimney from the topIf you’ve never had a sweeping done, you may not know what to expect. Well, we’re happy to give you a clear picture of what our team brings to the table. Many worry that their home will be left covered in soot and ash, but that’s far from the truth. Our staff is always very careful to keep your belongings protected and free from the mess typically associated with this type of work.

We have tarps and special vacuums that guarantee none of the things we sweep out end up in your living space. Once we have all this equipment set up, we’ll sweep the fireplace and chimney from the bottom all the way up to the top and, in some cases, we’ll go back over the space from the top down.

We have various tools we use in this process, from special brushes to high-powered vacuums, all of which ensure a job well done. These, combined with our specialized training from the CSIA ensure we won’t miss a thing, and that you’re left with a well-functioning and safer-to-use system this fall and winter.

Finally, we’ll inspect various aspects of your system to guarantee all is well before leaving you with our professional evaluation. Your damper, mortar, brickwork, chimney crown, and flue interior will all be looked over by our experts to ensure no damages are present and putting you at risk. If so, we’ll suggest which repair work would be best for the job, all of which our sweeps are trained to assist you with.

Why Chimney Cleanings & Sweepings Are Important

  • birds sitting on their nest on a chimneyAvoiding Excess Creosote: When you burn fires in your firebox, a substance called creosote forms throughout your flue. Creosote is very flammable, and if too much accumulates in your flue, then you could eventually experience a chimney fire, which results in all kinds of damage throughout your system. As you can imagine, this makes your system really unsafe for use. Smoke, carbon monoxide, and other fumes will be able to easily gain access to your home, and flames could easily reach adjacent woodwork. In the end, your risk of experiencing gas leaks, smoke exposure, house fires, and more will increase dramatically.
  • Removing Clogs & Blockages: Another essential part of the sweeping process is removing any outside debris that has entered your flue. It’s not uncommon for various outdoor materials, such as twigs, leaves, and other materials, to get lodged in by birds and other critters. Other times, these things blow in on those extra windy days.
  • Avoiding Animal Entry: A lot of times we hear homeowners show a lack of concern about cleaning their fireplace or furnace because they haven’t been putting it to much use. Yet, it’s in these times that curious critters are more likely to enter. Now, when it comes to curious critters, there are often some restrictions as far as what species can be removed and which must be left alone. Chimney swifts, for example, are decreasing in number and therefore cannot be removed or harmed. Trust us to handle the job to ensure no important issues are overlooked.

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All in all, a system that is blocked up or filled with harmful creosote will not operate as well, and the longer these things remain your flue, the more they will break things down. You can easily avoid expensive repair work by investing a sweeping now – well worth it! Not to mention, it’s not fun operating a fireplace if it doesn’t give you the heat and efficiency you’re hoping for.

Why are we the team to trust throughout Northern Virginia? Well, we’ve obtained certifications with the CSIA, the NFI, and the FIRE, ensuring we know everything we need to know to better serve you. We are also licensed contractors, and we are associated with the NFPA and the NCSG, as well. If there’s any news in the chimney sweep world, we’re sure to know about it, ensuring we stay up-to-date on any new trainings, techniques, and technologies introduced into our field.

If you’re still not convinced, just check out our reviews on Google, Facebook, and more. We’re highly ranked throughout the area, and customers love our personalized service and attention to detail. Book with us today – call 703-379-5006 or book online now.

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