You know you’ve “made it” when you feel like you’re living in the home you always dreamed of having – a place where all of your favorite friends and family members gather and where all of your favorite things are stored.

gas fireplace insert in a masonry fireplaceBut you’re thinking… the only thing that could possibly make your house even more perfect is by adding a gas log fireplace. Or maybe you already have a wood-burning fireplace that you’d like to convert to a gas log fireplace. Regardless of your gas insert and fireplace service needs, the dream of adding that cozy gas fireplace quickly turns to a nightmare when you start adding up all of the challenges associated with installation.

Well, let’s take a step back here. While – yes – there are many pieces that have to come together in order to properly add a gas log fireplace to your home, it’s nothing our techs can’t handle.

We’ll take all things into consideration – things like your home setup, current fireplace, gas line needs, and the different types of gas fireplaces – then put together the perfect process for getting you where you need to be. Long story short – at Winston’s Chimney Service, we’re here to turn your dreams into a reality!

How Much To Install My Gas Log Fireplace?

So, here’s the big question – how much will it cost you to get this new appliance in? Well, the truth is… it simply varies. We can’t give you any solid numbers because it depends on where you want it installed and what type of system you want. But we can talk with you about your needs and setup, then provide you with an estimate. You just need to reach out! We’d be glad to help you through it all.

What Are the Different Types of Gas Log Fireplaces?

There are three different types of gas log fireplaces to choose from. Each type has its own benefits and downfalls that only you, the homeowner, can decide which is best for you and your budget. The three types of gas log fireplaces are:

Vent-Free Gas Log Fireplace

Just as the name suggests, vent-free gas log fireplaces do not require a venting system or chimney. That means there is less material cost and less labor costs for you.

However, some states have banned the use of vent-free gas log fireplaces because they release small amounts of dangerous gases, such as nitrous dioxide and carbon monoxide. Both of these are extremely dangerous if not managed correctly, so although they are easier to install just about anywhere, there are several restrictions on their installation to ensure proper airflow, including the size of room and type of room.

If you choose this option our team will assist you with choosing a system that meets your budget.

Vented Gas Log Fireplace

close up view of flames for a gas log setYou will need an existing fireplace with a chimney for this type of gas fireplace. Before we can place the gas logs, a thorough inspection of your chimney and fireplace is required. This will ensure it is fully functional and capable of handling a new fireplace and that your chimney is suitable for a gas fireplace installation.

We also want to check for any existing issues that may require maintenance or repair before the installation begins. If you do not already have an existing gas line, a new gas connection will also need to be installed. As you can see, this can be a larger investment… However, our knowledgeable team will walk you through the whole process.  

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace

These are typically more expensive because these systems rely on outside air for combustion. They vent either through the roof or side of the house in order to function properly – and because of that, have added material and labor costs requiring a more significant home improvement investment cost for the homeowner.

How to Find the Right Gas Log Fireplace Installation Company

As you can see, there are many factors that affect the overall cost of a gas log fireplace installation. The best and only way to know the exact installation amount is to contact a local chimney and fireplace expert.

From your initial inspection to the planning, installation, and annual servicing of your new appliance, Winton’s Chimney Services is here to help every step of the way. If you’re still struggling to determine which gas log fireplace is best for you, we would be happy to make an informed decision with you. We pride ourselves in being able to provide honest and transparent quotes, so there is never any guess work in what we are doing.

Trust Us – Call Today

Gas fireplaces are low maintenance compared to their wood burning counterparts. Regular service and inspections are extremely important in helping make sure your gas fireplace is operating safely, efficiently, and for as long as possible. Protect your investment by having your gas fireplace system serviced annually.

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