Nothing Lasts Forever

It’s a natural thing when a piece of furniture or an appliance, or even the house itself, starts to break down. The chimney is no different. Even with regular chimney sweeping and annual inspections, there will come a time when repairs are necessary. The good news however is that if you are diligent in keeping up with maintenance, the repairs won’t be as overwhelming and costly. Here are some to expect:

Chimney Rebuilding or Restoration

Nothing lasts forever and your chimney is no different. Here are some common repairs.

Nothing lasts forever and your chimney is no different. Here are some common repairs.

This can either be partial restoration or renewing the whole unit, again, depending on how well the chimney is maintained. If you don’t wait too long then we don’t have to reach the point of rebuilding. Only minor brick replacements and sealing up will be needed. This may become costly so the best thing to do is to have annual chimney inspections done by our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps so any damage, big or small, can be spotted and dealt with right away.

Chimney Relining

This is probably the most common repair done because the flue liner is the most exposed to the smoke and other byproducts of burning. The inconsistency in temperature changes will also eventually cause the liner to crack. This will decrease the efficiency of your chimney. So whenever Winston’s Chimney Service inspects your chimney, the flue liner is one of the main concerns.

Repairing Water Damage and Waterproofing

Water is a major problem for the chimney and fireplace because it causes the mortar bricks to soften and crumble. When this happens, there will be no choice but to restore or rebuild. Nevertheless, there is a way to prevent this type of damage, or at least minimize it. The first thing we will do is to apply a waterproofing sealant to your chimney. This will significantly improve your chimneys chances against the elements. Other add-ons are chimney caps because it covers the opening of the chimney enough to keep water out.  Aside from water, it will also block the path of debris and small animals into the chimney.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with Winston’s Chimney Service today. We’ll be sure to give you a good idea of your chimney’s current condition and we’re ready to take on any necessary repairs.